Stars In the Water

The stories in Stars in the Water (Coyote’s Star, The Fire Deer, and The Water Star) were inspired by traditional First Nation tales, as well as the author’s love of nature and sense of wonder. Preschoolers will delight in having them read aloud, while adults will also enjoy these tales of magic and nature. Children of all ages will respond with enthusiasm to the marvelous, three-dimensional wooden illustrations beautifully photographed and reproduced on every page of the book.

Now also available in ebook format for your ipad or ipod touch and also available on the Nook and on Kindle.

Stars in the Water
Lesley DuTemple, Author
Jack Oyler, Illustrator
Retail: $9.95
ISBN: 978-0-9833018-1-3
table of contents from Stars in the Water

Table of contents from Stars in the Water

Opening to the first story.

Opening page of “Coyote’s Star.”

Opening image for Coyote's Star

Coyote joins the people around the campfire.

Opening page of "The Fire Deer"

Opening page of “The Fire Deer.”

Opening illustration for "The Fire Deer."

During the cold winter without fire the people huddle together against the cold.

Opening page of "The Water Star"

Opening page of “The Water Star.”

Opening illustration of "The Water Star."

The people are amazed by the unusually big, bright star in the sky.

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